n. The capacity to adapt to challenges

We believe all members of the myeloma community adapt to challenges daily. Also, we remind all that we don’t need to feel resilient all the time to be a resilient person. This Myeloma Action Month, share your story on social media with the hashtag #IAMRESILIENT2020. Explore this website to discover ways to make an impact! 

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Don't Worry, Be Happy

Sheri Baker
Meridian, ID - Patient

"This is my first grandson, Ryker. I wasn't sure I would live long enough to see my children get married or have grand children. He is a prayer answered. One look at that smiling face brightens my day, no matter what I'm going through. I stay resilient and keep fighting so I can be the best Grammy for him"

Family, friends, traditions and loyalty! Go Twins

Steve Ellingboe
Central, MN - Patient

"This is a picture of my college friend Roger (on the right) and me, on March 28, 2019. We celebrated our 45th consecutive Minnesota Twina home opener! The streak began in 1975. Several years, 2008-2009, were in doubt because of my myeloma diagnosis and my stem cell transplant, but this streak combines things that are so important to me and my 'resilience.'"

(Contemplative-Based Resilience)

Mark McCalman
Northeast, TN - Caregiver

"Often it is the caregivers who support the front lines of our society: helping those who face challenges or suffering on a daily basis. Contemplative-based activities - such as meditation, prayer or a simple walk - can offer restorative focus toward compassion, energy, and resilience."

Life Finds a Way

Barbara Davis
Stillwater, MN - Patient

"Every year the ferns come up in new places, often rocky, hard places. But they push their way through the rocks to find air and sun. I too have found a way up through some pretty hard places, and every time I amaze myself that I got though it, giving me strength, confidence and therefore resilience to get through the next hard and rocky place."

It's All in the Process

Michelle Oana
Myeloma Canada - Patient

"Absolutely love to cook, this is my happy place. I experiment with new flavors and recipes constantly, and enjoy playing my own version of "chopped" at home. Cooking keeps me motivated, brings me peace, inspiration and relaxation. It's all about the process and not the end result."

Pushing Through

Tiffany Richards
Houston, TX - Nurse

"Resilience to me is pushing through. Eighteen months ago I started on a journey to start taking care of me. I put exercise at the top of my list. I needed discipline and I prayed for strength to focus on my goals. Since then I lost 40 pounds and ran my fist half marathon. Was it easy? No. Were there times I didn't feel like running or eating healthy? Yes, But I pushed through it. Over time my body has adapted, and both my mind and body are more resilient."

I'm Still Standing

Valerie Traynham
Aurora, IL - Patient

"This picture was taken while out on a hiking trail. I came across a tree that had been toppled by the stroms, but was still rooted and standing frim. This represents resiliency, as I am still standing too, in spite of all that I have been through and am going through now."

Just Dance!

Camille Wilson
North Tampa, FL - Patient

"My go-to photo when I have pending myeloma issues and stress. This photo always puts a smile on my face!"

re·sil·ience: n. The capacity to adapt to challenges. 

During its 13th Annual Comedy Celebration in October 2019, the IMF showcased an art display known as the “Wall of Resilience.” Susan Dunnett, PhD, and Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) conceived and curated the art display.  

This visual exploration of personal resilience featured photographs from 100 IMF-affiliated support group leaders. Each photograph was paired with stories that explained how these images represented resilience to the leaders. 

Featured here are the original images submitted from multiple myeloma patients and caregivers from across the U.S. 

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