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Join in building multiple myeloma awareness this month on Twitter. To take action, simply copy and paste one of the tweets below to your Twitter feed.

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Together, we can take actions that matter. Help to save lives this Myeloma ACTION Month by being a #MyelomaWarrior

March is Myeloma ACTION Month. Take a minute to find out more. @imfmyeloma #MyelomaWarrior

The @imfmyeloma has declared March as Myeloma ACTION Month. Join in and become a #MyelomaWarrior!

Join me and become a #MyelomaWarrior! Help those living with the disease by raising awareness this Myeloma Action Month. Learning more and RT!   Visit @

What’s a #MyelomaWarrior? According to @imfmyeloma Chairman of the Board Dr. Brian G.M. Durie, “Myeloma warriors are patients who seek out the best for themselves while also helping others.”

Having the Warrior Spirit means having “energy and resilience” to live well and care for those with myeloma. I am a #MyelomaWarrior! 

Do you know what myeloma is? It’s Myeloma ACTION Month. Get the facts. #MyelomaWarrior

Knowledge is power! March is Myeloma Action Month. Learn more at  #MyelomaWarrior

Every 15 minutes someone in the United States is diagnosed with myeloma. However, many patients have never heard of it until they are told they have the disease. Learn more at #MyelomaWarrior

Myeloma as no borders and neither does @imfmyeloma. Support our global effort this Myeloma ACTION Month and be a #MyelomaWarrior.

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