The International Myeloma Foundation proudly led the way this March in making Myeloma Awareness Month a nationally recognized event.  On March 27, Congressman Brian Higgins (Dem-NY) singled out the IMF for our role in raising myeloma awareness during remarks he delivered on the House floor proclaiming March 2014 “National Myeloma Awareness Month.” (Watch the video HERE.)

The House resolution was the exciting culmination of the IMF’s expansive month-long myeloma awareness campaign. Throughout March, the IMF mobilized team members, supercharged the organization’s already impressive research and education efforts, and ramped up our social media footprint across the US and around the world.

By unleashing the IMF’s powerful network of patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, we experienced the most dynamic and far-reaching MAM since creating the campaign in 2009!

Many thanks to all of you! Raising multiple myeloma awareness ensures patients and doctors consider this as a possible diagnosis. Early intervention saves lives.

In case you missed it (ICYMI in Twitter Speak), here are highlights of the IMF’s Myeloma Awareness Month:

  • Live broadcast of IMF Patient & Family Seminar in Boca Raton, Florida kicks off the month
  • On March 13, over 900 people registered for the IMF’s free teleconference, “Living Well with Myeloma: Chemo Brain – Is it Real?” If you missed it, you can listen to the replay of the call and view the slides.
  • Myeloma patient Don Wright’s 79th marathon on behalf of Black Swan Research Initiative attracts media attention to myeloma (Watch video HERE.)
  • March 21-22 IMF-EuroFlow Workshop on Flow Cytometry in Salamanca, Spain pushes the IMF’s Black Swan Research Initiative® another step closer to a cure (Read Dr. Brian Durie’s report HERE.)
  • Myeloma patients generously share their touching stories HERE We share them with the myeloma community on Twitter using the Hash Tag #MMAware, reaching a daily average of 150,000 people daily, and landing us in the Top 10 Most Influential Twitter users
  • Each IMF US Support Group received a “Myeloma Awareness Month” kit to help with local outreach. The kits included:
    • Flyers with information on myeloma for distribution in local communities
    • “Myeloma Awareness Month” Buttons
    • Myeloma bracelets
    • Medical Information Cards
    • Local Media Tips for Support Groups
    • Information on Proclamations
    • Custom name badges for Support Groups to use at meetings
    • Social Media efforts including a banner for Twitter and Facebook and daily facts to post about myeloma
    • Myeloma Awareness Month website:  Read patient stories, see media articles and photos and view proclamations from towns, cities and states across the country
  • In 2014, Support Groups across the country reached out and obtained Proclamations declaring March as Myeloma Awareness Month  2014 City & State Proclamations that increased awareness of myeloma AND of the International Myeloma Foundation
    • over 70 City/County Proclamations
    • 11 State Proclamations
  • BioTech Now, Innovations Transforming Our World asked the IMF if they could get involved and help increase awareness. IMF Pioneers Myeloma Awareness Month

This year alone, awareness of multiple myeloma reached tens of thousands more people through the IMF’s efforts. Additionally, IMF was pleased to see many other organizations follow in its footsteps and recognize March as “Myeloma Awareness Month.” The IMF is proud to have brought people together to spread the word and achieve this important goal!

Congratulations and Thank you for your efforts to increase myeloma awareness in your local communities and across the Nation!

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