In late 2013, my finding of having Myeloma came as a strange and blessed experience. Starting with a annual checkup. My general physician see the blood test result and suggest that I might have a enlarge liver. After few more test to focus on the liver issue from different angle. One reading from the test result brings to my attention (the IgG reading 6000). A unplanned chatting with my sister-in-law who happens to be a lab technician flagged me this got to be cancerous sign. Luckily, this is not a later stage.

This act of God truly save me precious time seeking measures for defense. I was still working while receiving treatment. The fatigue I encountered made it harder and harder to handle physical demand from work. This process went on for 7 months. Then, I was referred to Stanford for a Autologous Transplantation to put it short: 1) collect my stem cell, 2) kills the cancer cells in my body, 3) infuse my own cell cells back, 4) wait for recovery. in early 2015, I went home for recovery and faced a different life pattern without jogging and mostly vegetarian diet.

I received great assistance form S.F. Bay Area Myeloma support group. This group equips me with very useful knowledge dealing with the Myeloma.

Last week, a friend of mine told me his older brother was diagnosed with Myeloma. I was so happy that I had so much information I can offer.

Female singer Olivia Newton-John once said: Everything, there is a reason. Everything can be a lesson.

Shan Y.
San Francisco


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