My Husband was diagnosed in Dec, 23, 2011 that was our Christmas present finding out he had this rare form of cancer Mulitple Myeloma IGa …He had very bad back pain in previous months and finally his MD decided to take a special test and it was confirmed he had 4 fractures in his spine from mulitple myeloma.

He did radiation plus he had the surgery on his fractures which cause him to lose height 6 inches and it compromised his lung space. In the months to follow he had pneumonia and had to be hospitalized at least 4 times. His doctors put him on chemo and at that point it was one chemo after another they all started out doing him good but eventually stopped working.

Then in 2013 they decided to do a stem cell transplant they harvest his blood but they didnt do it because again he was having issues with his lungs. He then started taking Pomalyst with other drugs and that stopped working then he was put on bendamustine for 6 months and that drug just was not doing anything special with his numbers. Finally they did his transplant this year in February. He stayed in the hospital for 16 days and his recovery went well. He is now at home still feeling weak and having bad pains in his knee which I am hoping its part of the recovery for him.

Its been a very long journey and at times he gets discourage which I can’t blame him. No one realizes how your life is turned upside down and the things we take for granted are no longer available to us. By that I mean going out to dinner with family or friends, vacationing or just being able to spend some timewith our grandchildren , we are always afraid of exposing him to someone who has a cold or cough and with his lung issues and his immune system he can not be around anyone who is sick because that can be deadly to him ..We now pray that his stem cell transplant works and that one day soon we will get back our lives ..I pray for anyone who has cancer and say extra prayers for the people who have Multiple Myeloma.

— Rosalie

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