Hi everyone.

I went in for a routine physical in December 2007. My MD picked up some problems with my blood work (low counts and protein). Had a second set of blood tests and was referred to an oncologist. Took two months to see the oncologist! Saw the oncologist in March 2008 and more tests were ordered including a bone marrow biopsy. Came back in April and was given diaognoses of Smoldering Multiple Myeloma.

My wife and I didn’t feel confident with our oncologist so we asked for a second opinion. We were referred to UCSF and were given a physical, blood tests, and asked to get a PET scan. Previously I had had a body X-ray and it had not shown any lesions. The PET scan did show 5 lesions in my bones so I was in Stage 2 Multiple Myeloma.

I have been treated by UCSF since 2008 and had a transplant in 2009. I am still being treated by UCSF. I think my story points out the need for a SECOND OPINION with a MM specialist whenever possible!

– Robert

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