I don’t know if my experience will help anyone, but I’ll tell it anyway. I was clinically diagnosed with MGUS ten years ago, and MM three years later. Yet I have never had any symptoms. I am monitored every three or four months by my oncologist to see if my immunoglobulin or free light chain levels have changed. They have, but not significantly enough to cause symptoms.

I have taken reishi and coriolus mushroom pills at various times, as well as a 5-ingredient Chinese soup (daikon with leaves, carrots, mushrooms, burdock root, and water). Don’t know if any of these have been effective, but all my skeptical oncologist will say is: “Just keep on doing what you’ve been doing.” I should note that while I have had no symptoms from the MM, I did have symptoms from non-Hodgkins’s lymphoma which has been successfully treated with six months of chemotherapy.

I think the key is to remain optimistic,and do research on both conventional and alternative therapies that might prove helpful.

— Richard W.

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