• Contact your local newspaper or radio station
    Local papers love to publish stories about people in the area doing something for a good cause. Write a letter to the editor and share your story; they might just feature your event in the next issue. Radio stations also report on local happening and could become interested in your story.
  • Send out a notice on social media
    Do you use Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook or any other social media sites? If so, take a moment and post a little something about your accomplishments. Blogs are also another great way to share with the world. Several patients have very successful blogs that have been featured in a number of newsletter and websites. Don’t worry, it’s not bragging!
  • Share your story with the IMF
    We love hearing about what our patient advocates are doing! Send us your story and we can feature it on our social media sites, the Myeloma Minute, Myeloma Today or in the Mam website.
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