Welcome to the Mind and Body experience of Myeloma Action Month

On this page, you will find breathing, relaxation, mindfulness meditation, and yoga exercises. We encourage you to explore the page and pick and choose which exercises work for you. We also ask that you use caution and only engage in an activity if it feels comfortable and safe for you. And most importantly, enjoy yourself and nurture your resilience!

A Moment of Meditation

Getting Started – Taking time to breathe

Sit in Dynamic Stillness 

You can also meditate lying down, standing or walking, but a comfortable, upright seat is an ideal physical position to develop a wakeful, relaxed mental state.

Choose a Focal Point  

Your focal point can be your breathing, a visualization, a mantra, or a guided journey. While taking time to breathe you may have already noticed how easily distracted the mind is, jumping from one thought to the next is like a monkey jumping from branch to branch.  In meditation we begin to tame our monkey mind, first by choosing a point to focus.

Awareness of Your Natural Breath 

You can choose to close your eyes or with a soft and steady gaze keep them focused on a point on the floor about three feet in front of you. 

Be Kind to Yourself  

No matter the state in which you find your mind, be kind to yourself.  This is a practice of self-acceptance.  When we feel troubled by a difficult emotional state, we can begin to activate our healing process by tapping into our capacity to create positive emotions guided by positive thoughts.


Explore these audio recordings on meditation and mindfulness:

Body Scan Mindfulness Exercise

The body scan is one of the most effective ways to begin a mindfulness meditation practice. The purpose is to tune in to your body—to reconnect to your physical self—and notice any sensations you’re feeling without judgement. This audio can be used as a tool, varied based on length, or directed at certain areas of the body.

Finding Your Bliss

In this meditation, you'll learn to examine "bliss" as more than just a buzzword, but rather a powerful state of presence accessible through meditation. The focus of this meditation is to discover your own state of bliss. Take it from an intellectual concept to a feeling. Make it a tangible experience as an emotion and tap into it when needed.

Guided Meditation: Manifest Your Goals

A quick-and-easy meditation to change the vibration required to shift you out of the 'asking mode' and into the 'receiving mode'. This manifestation meditation will take you on a visualization journey to manifest your goals. Remember: There are no limits except those you place on yourself

Happiness Factory

Achieving a sense of contentment does not necessarily manifest as a wide-smile or constant elation. Rather, it is a connection to something innate, leading us to a genuine sense of satisfaction and reconnection with our mind’s happy state. In practicing meditation for joy and happiness, we create the conditions necessary to experience a happy state of mind.

Loving Your Body Meditation

This meditation is for anyone who has ever struggled with accepting and loving how their body looks or feels. Loving our physical bodies is the first step toward deeper connections with our souls and having happier lives.

Loving Kindness

This meditation will help you develop mindfulness and compassion for yourself and others. Loving Kindness Meditations are proven to relieve anxiety and stress and to increase feelings of well-being.


You can also follow along these videos and engage in an in-home meditation and/or yoga practice:

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Energizing Chair Yoga

Feeling a little depleted and unfocused? Try this fifteen-minute practice with a handful of poses that will stimulate your circulation, lengthen your muscles, deepen your breathing, and boost your life force energy. Explore each pose mindfully without forcing your body into any position that doesn’t feel appropriate. Adapt the poses to your body rather than pushing yourself into the “perfect pose.” Remember that yoga is about deepening the conversation between your mind and body

Prep for Sleep

Next time you need some support surrendering to sleep, grab some pillows and try this sequence of pre-slumber asanas (yoga postures). If rest is not coming easy to you and support is needed, get in bed and try this restorative sequence. You’ll need two or three pillows and lots of slow, deep breaths. May your dreams be sweet and your sleep refreshingly deep!