Read Milada's Story Pt.1

Read Milada’s Story Pt.1

In April 2005 I was diagnosed with Kahler Syndrome – bone cancer. I accepted the illness with sadness but with humility. Immediately I surrounded myself with music and a large number of books in which I started to look for help.

I radically changed my diet. I now eat according the principles of macrobiotics, which is based on cereals and cooked vegetables. I rarely eat meat, milk products, fat and refined sugar. I have lost 12 kg and completely changed my image, which helped me a lot psychically. This physical change was very quickly followed by a psychological change. Prayers, meditations, sleepless nights, tearful nights, conversations with God and with my late mother brought me everyday solutions and opened alternative views. I chucked away lots of old stuff and clothes which had previously been all over the apartment.

Finally I discovered my roots in my mother’s birthplace in Turiec. This, which for many people would be a hardship, became blessing for me and, thank God, changed my entire life for the good. My family, friends and colleagues are at this time a big supportfor me.

In Autumn 2005 I continued my chemotherapy treatment in the Faculty hospital in Martin where I have been under the care of the excellent consultants during my illness. After each treatment inthe hospital I was able to return to work.

Read Milada's Story Pt.2

Read Milada’s Story Pt.2

In October 2005, during a beautiful Indian summer my son, Michal got married. Maybe as a result of all the physical and emotional exhaustion, I then fell ill with painful shingles, soon followed by a serious case of pneumonia which resulted in me being admitted to hospital.

In February 2006 I underwent an autologous bone marrow transplant which was proved to be successful. After a two week stay in hospital and a further week recovering at home, I was able to return to work again and participate fully in school life. I can honestly say that the bone marrow transplant was the most emotionally and physically difficult thing I have had to face in my life. It has not been easy to come to terms with the experience and the recurring memories and as a result of this I have since had treatment from a psychotherapist for depression.

I have also had some dental problems after a tooth extraction as the gum would not heal properly and this in conjunction with sleeping problems has meant it has been quite a challenging time.

In April 2006 I was delighted to receive a special teacher‘s award from the Slovak Minister of Education for the high standard of results of my pupils. In terms of my diet, I have stopped following the macrobiotic diet I had been following which I have come to regret as my weight has increased! I currently do not take any nutritional supplements but I do drink high quality red wine everyday –and eat sauerkraut.

Despite being registered disabled, I am still working and have recently passed a computer course and feel that together with the support of my family, I will be able to live with Multiple Myeloma for along time in peace.

I want to thank you all.

– Milada

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