My mom was diagnosed with multiple myeloma over 8 years ago. It was a real shock for our family as we have never heard of this type of cancer. After speaking to the oncologist he told me she probably had two years. It was terrible news and there is no way I was going to mention this to mom who hardly speaks English.

So I started doing my research about multiple myeloma and consulting with different oncologist. We made a decision to  proceed with a bone marrow transplant. My mom had two bone marrow transplants and that kept her off chemo, steroids and zometa for over 2 years.

She was living a normal life unfortunately it started again but for the past years she has been on 10mg of revlimid, steroid and every 3 months she gets zometa Fortunately what has helped the most is her positive outlook and a desire to live a normal life, she is a fighter and she is not letting this cancer take over her life. We just had our oncologist appointment and my mom is doing amazing. Every day I wake up thankful of how well she is doing.

— Maura R.

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