My story is a little different. I went to the grocery store on a Sunday evening to pick up some milk. They were emptying the coolers and it was very cold and I had a huge sneeze. I went home and told my husband I sneezed so hard I think I pulled a muscle. I am an RN and I went to work next day and told my boss my situation. He told me to take it easy. The next day I c/o of pain when I laid down. He suggested I get MRI which he ordered. My report showed compression FX with hemangioma. Further readings told me a compression FX with a hemangioma you should be tested for Multiple Myeloma. This was the beginning of my disease process. All my labs were ok but a slight change in SPEP. Bone marrow was done which confirmed Multiple Myeloma.

I was started on Tx and radiation to my LT hip that showed severe disease in bone survey. I received 5 treatments and 10 radiation treatments to my Lt hip. Following treatment In Jupiter I went to MD Anderson for evaluation and further treatment recommendation. Stem Cell Transplant was recommended and was done September 28, 2015.

I am presently in remission and was restarted on Revlimid July 2016 as maintenance. The people I have met and the information available for patients and their families has helped tremendously. I look forward to being a part of the new treatments and the cure for Multiple Myeloma! We can never give up !!

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