I had not been ill almost all of my life and have worked 10-12 hours a day until my retirement in 2006 when I sold my full service station.

In 2011 I started getting very tired much easier and finally went to the doctor. After many hours of testing the hospital sent me to a cancer clinic at a town about 100 miles away but still not knowing anything except I did not have much blood. They gave me 4 units here and I had more at the hospital where the cancer clinic was located. I was 90-95 % plugged with the myeloma so was not making any blood. My kidneys were shutting down and was told if I did not accept treatment that I would probably have about three weeks to live.

I felt sorry for myself and why me etc. for two days and then decided to fight and do the treatments. I read a lot of information on the internet and read books and they were all very negative. I quit reading them and starting looking for postive answers.

I received chemo treatment for several months and started gaining.  I had better blood work and feeling much better even though the treatments were taking a toll on my body. After about 6 months the doctor at the clinic asked if I would be willing to go to a stem cell clinic about 400 miles away to see if I was a candidate in front of a 5 doctor panel. I did this and was accepted to do stem cell even though I was 68 years old. I was able to donate my own stem cells which took about a week in Omaha and then home for two weeks. Then we went back to Omaha to do the stem cell. I spent about a month there doing the stem cell and had a few very bad days. I kinda hated my doctor for talking me into doing the stem cell but am now so very happy that I did do it.

Yes the bone marrow test are not fun as I have done 4 of them . I done the forth one yesterday the 13th of March. My first stay in the hospital was March 28th 2012 which is almost two years ago. I will have the test results back in 7- 10 days but am sure it will be great.

I would be willing to talk to anyone about it and how great it is to have LIFE. I am a firm believer that you have to fix it first mentally. I am back to working almost every day at things I want to do but have to admit that I do take a nap after lunch on most days.

My wife and I have been taking many bus tours and touring the country via our car also. LIFE IS GREAT !!!!! 

— Martel B.

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