I’ve yet to meet a patient who’d heard of multiple myeloma before their diagnosis which is why increasing awareness among the public and general practitioners is so important.

In my case, I ignored my back pain thinking “everyone has back trouble”. As a result I am now over 5 inches shorter than before I had myeloma. I still suffer some back pain but exercise daily to strengthen my core to better support my back. In addition, I didn’t fit into any of the most common categories of patients: I was 46 years old, female and Caucasian. So no one is immune from myeloma and shouldn’t ignore any persistent health issues.

I encourage everyone to share the symptoms with as many as you can. I will be mailing letters to over 100 primary care physicians in my area and having March declared as Myeloma Awareness Month in my state and local area. A prompt diagnosis is very beneficial so help spread the word!

– Linda

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