I was diagnosed in March of 2013. However, I believe that it had been coming on for for several vears.  before I was diagnosed. I was having balance and walking problems. I just did not feel right and knew that something was wrong. Then in November of 2012, I had severe back pain. Found out from My Family Doctor that I had a Fractured vertebrae (3 of them). All repaired by invasive procedure.  I thought that once the vertebrae fractures were repaired that I would be free of pain. Not so. I continually have what is called bone pain.and it also is worse in cold weather. I have to be careful with putting pressure on my ribs, because they fracture very  easily. I am presently on revlimid (10mg) one daily and dexamethasone (on Monday) and I get an IV of Zometa (bone hardener every 28 days). MM is treatable, but not curable. Overall, I am thankful because I know that there other patients at The Florida Cancer Center that are lots worse off than I am. We pray every day and thank the lord for what I have and thank him for being so kind and loving and caring.We know that he is there.

— John B.

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