8/10/11 changed my life forever. I am a physician who treats cancer. Having a pain in my neck for several months I attributed it to old age. Finally I asked a technologist friend to take a look with CT. What I saw sucked the life out of me and was the beginning of a new life.

Despite my diagnosis of multiple myeloma that had destroyed all but a rim of my 4th cervical vertebrae I was lucky in that I was diagnosed before a devastating collapse and possible death or paralysis. It has been an ordeal since. I have not responded to BMT, 2 of the “best” chemotherapies have destroyed my bone marrow and liver but I am still here working and treating patients with cancer and many other maladies.  I feel like I have been given a chance to give back and treat patients the way I would like to myself. Trust me it is an entirely different practice.

My ordeal has also taught me about the inefficiencies of the medical system. Suffice it to say there are many unanswered questions as well as hints and tricks that patients not the authorities are aware. Considering this I have attempted to unite all those with cancer in the hope that they can assist each other with these hints and tricks and also prepare and console those with similar histories. We all belong to the same club, like it or not. We can all help each other when the medical authorities fail.

I have begun a web site where all those with cancer of any variety can speak and question. I call it the OneIAM Club or one in a million. It is a portal to facilitate communication. It is off to a slow start because marketing is not my thing and also very difficult for the average citizen. I encourage you all to communicate with each other. I of course will do what I can to help. Please visit oneiam.com

— Jim C. 

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