Before my diagnosis I was always a very healthy and active person my entire life. At age 52, in July 2011, my left thigh began to feel strange. The orthopedic doctor was certain it was caused by a strain and floating kneecap. My leg began to have more and more difficulty in walking. I went to my primary care and orthopedic doctor with the same diagnosis. Then I was diagnosed with a large fibroid on the left side. My doctors now thought that this was pressing on my spinal cord and I needed a hysterectomy, which I had in September 2011.

My walking did not get any better, rather my right leg now seemed to have some issues. The doctors all thought I was crazy. Then I woke up one morning completely paralyzed. I was THANKFULLY sent to Boston, after the local hospital told me I was dying. WHAT they found was a tumor compressing my spinal cord in my neck. CAUSED by multiple myeloma!

After surgery, extensive rehab, radiation and now Chemotherapy, I CAN walk, some limitations, caused by by extensive spinal fusion. I am doing well, living, moving foward and grateful for the continuing progress and discoveries of new treatments! March 2014!!! DON’T EVER GIVE UP!

— Jeanine M.

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