I was diagnosed in June 2010. I began treatment with Velcade. I attended my first IMF conference in LA in August. I learned a tremendous amount about my disease there. My Oncologist was suggesting a stem cell transplant because my labs were not showing much improvement. I was fortunate enough in Oct. to have Dr Durie look at my data. He told me my myeloma was smoldering so the labs were stagnate. I went off all meds for 4 years and was just monitored. Last Feb I began a low dose Rev/Dex treatment. I also harvested my stem cells in Oct and stored them in case I need them.

I attended my second IMF seminar this year and held a MM Fundraiser. Things are moving rapidly in the MM community. My advice is to educate yourself on your condition and be part of your treatment. There is hope if you stay positive, eat healthy, exercise and be your own advocate.

– James

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