(Members of The Delaware Multiple Myeloma Information & Networking Group witness Governor Carney signing
The Proclamation declaring March as Myeloma Action Month in Delaware: From Left to Right: James Mulvihill;
Josephine Diagonale, Co-Leader, Greg Kindig; Lillian Kindig; Sue Iwahashi, Co-leader; and Alden Iwahashi.)

Governor John Carney surrounded by members of The Delaware Multiple Myeloma Information & Networking Group signs Proclamation declaring March as Myeloma Action Month. In 2009, the International Myeloma Foundation was the first organization to declare March as “Myeloma Awareness Month.” Since that time, they have elevated the program to “Myeloma ACTION Month.” The Delaware Myeloma Group is affiliated the the IMF.

Although myeloma is the second most common blood cancer, it can go undiagnosed until it begins to seriously damage health. Myeloma is a very individual disease: often slow moving in the early stages. It is also a little known disease among the general public. Presenting symptoms are not unique to myeloma: fatigue, anemia, bone fractures, renal insufficiency, higher than normal calcium. In fact, most patients have never heard of this cancer before diagnosis. — There is not a lot of publicity about myeloma; no recommended screening procedures as with breast, colon or skin cancers, for example.  The patient’s first visit to a doctor is usually to the general practitioner and internist.

“In Delaware, almost all cases of multiple myeloma diagnosed during 2005–2009 were in the distant stage at time of diagnosis; 91.2 percent among males and 98.7 percent among females.  98.8 percent of multiple myeloma cases diagnosed among African American Delawareans were diagnosed in the distant stage compared with 93.6 percent of Caucasians.” (Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Delaware, April 2013. (hss.delaware.gov/dhss/dph/dpc/files/im05-09_april13.pdf#search=staisrix%3Dcs%20for%20Multiple%20myeloma) ( The National Institute of Health, NIH, staging for cancer defines ‘distant’ as “Distant—Cancer has spread to distant parts of the body.” https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/diagnosis-staging/staging).

The Delaware Multiple Myeloma Information & Networking Group meets in  Dover and Milton thus serving both Kent and Sussex counties.  It provides a forum for support, knowledge and education.  The mission of the Group is: To be a community of hope and support to each other: To provide information about the latest research, novel therapies, side-effects, clinical trials, life-style issues, and more; To promote awareness and advocacy about multiple myeloma within the community at large. We are a totally volunteer organization affiliated with the International Myeloma Foundation that provides all its national and international support group leaders with access to its research teams and myeloma specialists, special Leader teleconferences and webinars, the annual  Support Group Leaders Summit.

Contact  Information for:  The Delaware Multiple Myeloma Information & Networking Group:

Website: dover.support@myeloma.org; Email: Co-leaders: Josephine C. Diagonale at 302-233-8229, mmsupportde@comcast.net; Sue Iwahashi  at 302-569-2775, myelomaemailsue@gmail.com