re·sil·ience: n. The capacity to adapt to challenges


Celebrating 30-years, the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) is harnessing the power of multiple myeloma patients, their families, and the community at large to raise myeloma awareness during Myeloma Action Month (MAM), for the month of March 2020. This year’s MAM awareness campaign centers on the theme of resilience, or the capacity to adapt to challenges. The IMF sees that those in the myeloma community are resilient on a daily basis, and also recognizes that people do not need to feel resilient all the time.

We encourage all myeloma community members to share your story of resilience across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. See below way to participate and make sure you hashtag your posts #IAMRESILIENT2020 –– otherwise your story will not be part of the community Wall of Resilience.

Join us in making an impact and raising myeloma awareness. As Brian D. Novis, one of the IMF’s co-founder’s said, “One person can make a difference, but two can make a miracle.” Together we are resilient!

Here’s how to raise awareness of multiple myeloma during this Myeloma Action Month.

Follow the three steps below*.

1) Share what resilience means to you on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!


  • Select an image that represents what resilience means to you.
  • Write a few words explaining why the image represents resilience to you.
  • Once ready, post your image and associated text on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Make sure to include the hashtag #IAMRESILIENT2020
  • To see how others are participating, check out the “Wall of Resilience” here!

Tips on posting your resilience image on social media:  

  • For best results on Facebook and Instagram, use photos that are 1800 x 1800 pixels. Also ensure your profile is public.
  • For best results on Twitter, use photos that are 1024 x 512 pixels.
  • Remember to use the hashtag #IAMRESILIENT2020 in your post to be included on the Wall of Resilience!!

2) Share #IAMRESILIENT2020 Social Media Badges on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!


  • If you don’t have your own photo or image to share, we encourage you to download #IAMRESILIENT2020 graphics to post on your social media channels.
  • We do ask, however, that you do not modify the graphics in any fashion, including Myeloma Action Month logos and #IAMRESILIENT2020 badges.
  • Select an image from below and right-click it to save to your device. Then upload to your social media channels to share away!

Note: If you do not have a social media account, feel free to email your photo and caption to [email protected]. By sending us a photo and caption, you are granting the International Myeloma Foundation permission to post it on social media on your behalf. If you would like to post anonymously, please indicate that in the email you send.



3) Add the #IAMRESILIENT2020 Facebook frame to your Facebook profile pic! Here’s how:


1. Go to your Facebook profile and Click “Update” on your profile photo.

2. Click “Add Frame.”

3. Search, “IAMRESILIENT2020”

4. Reposition your profile picture until you are happy with how it looks with the frame.

5. Select how long you would like it to last on your profile photo. Click “Use as Profile Picture.”


* Note: If you follow all three of the steps, you can let us know by emailing [email protected]. For those of you who follow all of the steps, you will have a chance to receive a commemorative I AM RESILIENT t-shirt or lapel pin.