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Allan and Gail met on a blind date on a cold wintery December night in 1961. Allan was home from Long Island on a Christmas break from his work at Sperry Gyroscope. They both had attended the University of Pittsburgh, but Allan was three years ahead of Gail, and they had never met. Gail was a senior at the time. Their relationship was meant to be, and after a year of many letters and visits they were married in Pittsburgh exactly one year to the date of meeting on December 23,1962. Gail was diagnosed with myeloma in May 2009 after just returning from celebrating her 69th Birthday in Albany with their two sons and families. She had a terrible pain in her clavicle area that she thought must be a muscle pain but ended up the next week at an orthopedist who luckily diagnosed myeloma after a MRI and then a PET/CT. She was at an oncologist and thankfully treated immediately.


“Now, for the first time, it’s a good time for a caregiver to say, ‘Look at all of the advances!'”


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