I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on August 31, 2010 at 34 years old after suffering 2 unexplained rib fractures. I was blessed to see a physician who was familiar with myeloma and it’s symptoms and quickly tested me for it. I was referred to an oncologist and started treatment immediately. Since then, I’ve had two stem cell transplants combined with various medication therapies.  I had great results from the first transplant.

I had five years with no signs of myeloma and even went 18 months without any maintenance medicine. In August 2015, my myeloma returned with new bone lesions and an increased M spike.

I started a clinical trial at UAB hospital where my primary oncologist is and began to prepare for my second stem cell transplant. This transplant was less effective than my first and saw an increased M spike within 2 months.

In July of 2016, I developed a large plasmacytoma that required radiation. Because of the progression, I was no longer able to participate in the trial through UAB.

My physician felt that daratumumab and revlamid was the best next step for me.  With this therapy, my M spike went back down to zero and my myeloma progression has stopped. It has been a year and a half that I have been on this current maintenance regimen and I am currently showing no evidence of myeloma.

My advice to others out there with this disease is to have a good support group that consists of  family and/or friends and find a physician that treats your whole family and is willing to fight for you. Find a physician that you trust wholeheartedly because myeloma is a lifetime disease. Don’t be afraid to switch physicians if you do not feel you are getting the best care. 

— Tyler R.