Donate A Birthday –– $10,000 Total Match from One of Our Sponsors

During the month of March 2019, Janssen Oncology (one of our sponsors) will match up to $10,000 of Facebook Birthday donations benefiting the International Myeloma Foundation. Donating your birthday is one of the simplest ways to kick off your own fundraiser benefiting the IMF. Just think, every dollar you raise for the IMF can be doubled!

If you are new to Facebook Birthday Fundraising, follow the below steps to get started:

1. Visit

Then select “Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization.”

2. Choose the International Myeloma Foundation from the drop-down.

3. Choose your fundraising goal and the end date for your fundraiser.

4. Either use Facebook’s default message or customize your own message for Facebook Friends to read about your fundraiser.

5. Pick a cover photo

6. It is now set up! To share with more friends and on different social media accounts, you can invite friends on Facebook to donate or use the available fundraiser link option