Hi, my name is David. At 51 years old in 2006 I was diagnosed with Kappa light chain multiple myeloma.

I have had two autologous transplants and one allogenic transplant. The cancer continues to come back.

I currently started a new drug called Darzalex. We do not yet know how it is doing. We have learned to trust God no matter what!

We have a good Oncologist who is conservative in her strategy to fight this disease. We listen to my body and have learned to take a break when you need to. We keep active walking everyday. I do yard work and love to cook sometimes. My wife takes very good care of me keeping me on track with all the drugs needed. We volunteer at our church helping poor needy children around the world. We believe it is important to have a passion with a purpose in life to help others in need. My encouraging words is to never give up. Keep fighting with everything you got! Our goal is for me to get better so we can celebrate our 40 year wedding anniversary with a cruise to Alaska! God Bless.

— David

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