The Fighting Irish

My father got diagnosed with multiple myeloma in March of 2016, he was determined and stubborn from the beginning but with little awareness of the disease as we had never heard of it before, at the time of diagnosis we were grieving for the death of my mother who passed away a few days before. He went headfirst into fighting the disease and forms of chemotherapy every Thursday, he was Irish, so he had a real can do attitude in fighting the disease and was stubborn and determined. He relapsed twice in two years, refusing a stem cell transfusion as he didn’t think he would survive it at the age of 71. He passed away in June 2018. After two years of blood, sweat, tears and a whole heap of fight. His body gave away. He was a strong and determined man, but with little options in regarding his treatment and little availability in what treatment was available.

A lot of people often ask me, what is multiple myeloma? We’ve never heard of that. This form of cancer being so common but so unknown and with little knowledge being made available needs to change. He was a strong man, and for him I will tell the story of a strong Irish man, fighting multiple myeloma. Cure multiple myeloma, spread awareness, provide knowledge you have. 

R. Haddock
NSW, Australia