28 years ago I was told I had Myeloma. I could,not imagine what it was. I had never heard of it. In fact the Doctors were not sure about it either. I had a tumor eat through the 7th vertebrae in my neck. Again how could this happen. I never asked why I just said lets fix this.

Now 28 years later I can tell you that if you are a new Myeloma patient you are so lucky to have the many options I didn’t have. I have pioneered through all the chemo’s, radiation, and 3 transplants. It wasn’t always  easy, but in 28 years I have been able to watch science evolve with Myeloma now being recognized as a cancer that is growing.

What I can tell you is to be patient, have a Doctor that is knowledgeable in Myeloma, and never give up. If I can make it through 28 yrs. you can too.

God bless each and everyone, and give us strength.

– Carole

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