I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma after several months of increasing back and leg problems and pain. The problems were first tied to an exercise injury I incurred, but as the symptoms increased, I was referred to orthopedic physicians.

I sought a second opinion as well, and none of the orthopedic doctors seemed to consider anything other than back/disc issues. No one suggested a blood test or to see a general practitioner.

I finally decided on my own to seek a new internist, and right away she performed a multitude of tests, including extensive bloodwork. Of course when these test results came back, the diagnosis was very clear. Upon diagnosis, I was in acute kidney failure, with severe bone damage and anemia, etc.

While it seems that my disease advanced very quickly, my doctor believes that just catching it sooner could have presented some of the significant problems.

My advice is that if you are experiencing back pain or other body pain that isn’t easily diagnosed, or unexpected fractures, please be sure to include blood testing to rule out Multiple Myeloma. Especially for women, many doctors may just assume that some stage of osteoporosis might be the cause. Perhaps understandably, most doctors just don’t have the illness on the top of their minds because it is still fairly rare.

Best wishes to everyone and thanks for reading this!

— Candace B.

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