I was feeling tired and after a drastic drop in my hemoglobin, I went to see an oncologist /hematologist who did a bone marrow biopsy. That was in June of 2014. The diagnosis was Multiple Myeloma and I began chemo treatment immediately.

In August I had a consultation at the Myeloma Institute at UAMS in Little Rock, AR. Within two weeks we were back for aggressive chemo and a stem cell transplant. I was discharged on October 25th and have been on maintenance doses of dexamethasone, Zometa,and Velcade and am in remission today.

Other than wearing wigs until my hair grows back I feel absolutely normal! Resumed my real estate career and after a few months of physical therapy, felt strong again. Don’t be discouraged or lose hope, great strides have been made in research for Multiple Myeloma; the cure may appear any day but we can be comfortable until that happens.

– Bunny

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