I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in March 2012. I started treatment in Richmond at Virginia
Cancer Institute . I have now been under treatment for 3 years. Last September, I had an episode and
ended up going to MD Anderson Cancer Center . I got there on September 30th, 2014 and they
immediately put me in the ER. They kept me overnight in the ER and then the next day put my in the
Lymphoma /Myeloma Cancer Center. I was treated aggressively for 3 weeks and then moved to a Nursing
home for rehab. I ended up staying in Houston for 4 months. I have now come back to Richmond, VA and
are continuing the treatments here. I am due to go back to Anderson on the 17th of February for a
checkup. Hopefully, we will return home on the 23rd of February. I am doing well now and hopefully
will be a candidate for a stem cell transplant soon. MD Anderson is the best hospital for Cancer and
they are trying to strike Cancer out of our vocabulary. Hopefully, this short version of my story
will help someone else.

– Brenda

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