Came down with pneumonia the 6th time in 5 years in August 2002. The Doctor felt some thing was wrong, did tests & told me I had myeloma & 1-3 years to live.

I returned home to AZ and Mayo confirmed it, put me on “chemo”. The first week nearly killed me, causing a 5 heart by-pass & insulin diabetes. I refused to continue chemo.

After 3 months the doctor was shocked to see my numbers getting BETTER and asked what I was doing different. I told him, 1-I would sit in my chair & say “get the hell out of my body”, 2-started to eat a fistful of pistachio nuts each morning, 3-while never a drinker, started to drink a :rusty-nail each afternoon, sipping it for an hour.

My Doctor told me not to stop & my numbers got BETTER at each future visit. I moved to Palo Alto CA a year ago & started to see a myeloma Doctor at Stanford. She was shocked at my records and my tests and asked what I was doing different. I told her the above. She also said don’t stop and asked me for blood for research. I gave 9 vials and will see her in April and hope to find her results.

— Art T. 

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