Because of my good fortune and health I have tried, for the last 4 years to give back to the MM community. I have done it by raising awareness of our disease to as many people as possible as I have bicycled along the east, west and gulf coasts.

In my journey every year during awareness month I have stopped at many support group meetings and have been inspired by so many people.

I was diagnosed Stage III in 2008 but was getting sick in 2007. I just did not have time to be sick or so I thought.

In the end in had all my treatments in Vienna, Austria and since 2009 I have no need for treatment. I have blood work every three to four months until my numbers begin to move.

In the meantime as long as I am healthy I will continue to ride along to support group meetings and help raise awareness.

My only goal right now is to stay healthy and happy and I seem to be very under control that way. When my MM goes active I know that there is much new ammunition in the medical/ research end of MM. I will hope that it can be held at bay until there is a cure. I want for all of us patients and caregivers a better quality of life as we fight this disease.

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— Andy S.

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