Last year we watched as my mom complained about her hips being sore for several months. She went to her regular doctor who X rayed her hip, saw nothing but recommended she see an orthopedic doctor. The pain in her hips got better but then her shoulder began to hurt. At 61 years old it was easy for Mom to dismiss it as arthritis.

In July (after a couple of months of pain) she fell while putting her swim suit on. My dad and I finally convinced her to see a doctor. Her shoulder was broken from the fall. A dear friend got her in to see a bone doctor at a very short notice.

My mom and sister went in to get her MRI results. We thought the worst case scenario would be surgery for a bad rotator cuff. My dad didn’t even go because we never dreamed it was anything beyond a bad rotator cuff. Needless to say, we were beyond devastated at the diagnosis.

But now, 8 months later, Mom is on the healing end. She’s recovering from a stem cell transplant and is getting stronger everyday.

One thing that has been very frustrating during this time is the lack of awareness in our community. We have found one survivor which has been an answered prayer for all of us, but I do wish there was more awareness and resources available in our hometown.

If there’s anything I can do to spread awareness for others diagnosed I would be more than willing to do it.

My word of advice – never dismiss something as arthritis or other things without getting confirmation from your doctor. Myeloma has a time limit and you need to get to started with treatment as soon as possible! Be aware and be proactive about your health! Blessings.

— Amy K.

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