I lived my life as a very fit 48 yo male. Always swimming, paddling and participating with my partner in sport. I started to fracture my ribs somewhat benignly in 2012. I worked as a Paramedic and the shift-work seem to mask the fatigue very well. Things progressively got worse until after many questions I was diagnosed in September 2013 with Kappa Light-Chain MM.

The drugs and the treatment caused a number of problems weight gain, fatigue, depression, loss of libido. I attempted in my first year of remission to commence a full-time job and gave up after 6 months of repeated viral infections.

I’m 51 yo now and have been taken of all the nasty medications as I go into my second year of remission. I am losing weight, I have more energy, my libido is back and I starting work again. Best of all I’m participating and enjoying my time with my kids, partner and family. Patience and don’t be too hard on yourself, you will be OK.

– Alistair

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