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What Is Myeloma Action Month?

Spearheaded by the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF), Myeloma Action Month takes place every March to encourage individuals and groups to take actions that positively impact the myeloma community.

This year the IMF invites you to join the myeloma community and nurture your own resilience.

We can all take small actions in our lives to enhance our well-being, fortify our resilience, and improve the lives of those in the myeloma community.

Grow Your Resilience and Raise Myeloma Awareness

Engage in Meditation and Yoga for a Resilient Mind-Body Experience

Visit the Mind and Body Experience of Myeloma Action Month to breathe, relax, meditate, and practice yoga. Explore this page and pick and choose which exercises work for you! Enjoy and nurture your spirit.


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Happy Monday and hello to all my new followers! If you found me after Friday’s appearance on QVCUK TV then you’ll have seen me looking like this, in my favourite turban by the incredible ...maryjane_claverol 💖. If only everyday was as glam!!

Thank you for joining me as I chart my journey....it’s evolved from a pure jewellery account (but don’t worry, it’s my job so there will always be sparkle here!) to a diary of overcoming and living with incurable blood cancer whilst finding the ‘new me’ and inner strength I didn’t realise existed! I hope sharing my story might encourage you in some way to keep going when things seem overwhelming and believe in the power of positive thinking 💭

Since losing my hair after stem cell transplant, my turbans instantly make me feel less ‘victim’ and more QUEEN which has been key to bossing the last 18 months. Like wearing a giant diamond on my head they’ve drawn admiration from people who they had no idea I was sick, but started conversations about cancer when maybe people may have shied away for fear of not knowing what to say. It’s crucial to feel ‘seen’ when physical aspects of your identity are lost or maybe different to other people’s.

We all have challenges and hopefully a little superpower for getting through, so tell me in the comments what your secret weapon is?

#mondaymotivations #myeloma #myelomawarrior #bloodcancerawareness #hairloss #girlsinmaryjaneclaverol #kickingcancersbutt #stemcelltransplant #cancerchic #positivethinkingonly #innerstrength #bekindalways #selfacceptance #discoverunder10k

What an incredible few days.

To start with the news that nearly one year on I’m still in full remission from myeloma and my para protein levels are negative.

To end the week ...moving to Rochester to start the next chapter in my life.

I knew where I wanted my life to be, I had to be positive, patient and focused to achieve it.

Looking forward to the sunsets on the balcony with the amazing people in my life. #myeloma #cancer #myelomawarrior #goals #newhome #focus #positivemindset #sunset #goodlife

It has been one year since I moved out of my mom’s house & cut ties with her, my grandparents and my sister as well. Growing up they were everything to me. I lived and breathed them. I never ...knew how negative, toxic and unhealthy they were to my mind, body and soul. Since leaving them behind I have been able to focus on my mental, emotional health. Leaving that toxic environment has completely changed my life. I have a therapist, psychiatrist, my extremely supportive husband & daughter, and my incredible in laws. Thanks to all of them I am doing better than I ever have been. If you are in a toxic environment—even if it is your own family— and you need to leave it behind to be healthy. IT’S OK. Make your health a priority, choose YOU! Ask for help, go to therapy and become the best YOU!

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THANK YOU for uniting in support and caring during #MyelomaACTIONMonth. Together, we're changing the story for blood cancer patients and families in Michigan.

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We LOVE having patients on to talk about their health journeys. Ms. Joan was no different. She came, she dropped some knowledge, and she left us wanting more! Make sure you take the time to hear her ...incredible story this week and next week!

#MyelomaActionMonth #myelomaawareness


SCT Day #20
My platelets are up to 74 on their own and all my other labs are good too! 🎉
#multiplemyelomaawareness ...

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