Join the “31 Days of Resilience.”
If we are individually resilient, we are a resilient myeloma community.

This March, bolster your resilience with a new self-care activity each day of the month.

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What Is Myeloma Action Month?

Spearheaded by the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF), Myeloma Action Month takes place every March to encourage individuals and groups to take actions that positively impact the myeloma community.

This year the IMF invites you to join the myeloma community and nurture your own resilience.

We can all take small actions in our lives to enhance our well-being, fortify our resilience, and improve the lives of those in the myeloma community.

Grow Your Resilience and Raise Myeloma Awareness

Engage in Meditation and Yoga for a Resilient Mind-Body Experience

Visit the Mind and Body Experience of Myeloma Action Month to breathe, relax, meditate, and practice yoga. Explore this page and pick and choose which exercises work for you! Enjoy and nurture your spirit.


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🇫🇷Bienvenue dans ma salle de bains ! J’y ai toujours passé beaucoup de temps pour prendre soin de mon corps et de âme. Et ces derniers temps, ...particulièrement pour mesurer mes repousses de cheveux ... à peu près 24 fois par jour.

🧴Être en traitement ça veut aussi dire faire encore plus attention à ce que j’applique sur ma peau pour éviter les interactions malheureuses. Je vous propose ici une première short-list beauté ... inclusive. Ben oui messieurs, on adore que vous fassiez aussi attention à vous !

🧼Nettoyage visage :

Deep cleansing oil by dhcfrance une texture huile à masser qui réconforte les peaux les plus sensibles. Je rince à l’aide d’une éponge konjac et de l’eau bien chaude.

Miracle cleanser by aurelialondon une crème bourrée de probiotic, d’essences de plantes et de fleurs qui apaise et nettoie en profondeur la peau. Je laisse poser 5 mn et je rince le visage avec la lingette anti bactérienne en bambou fournie. Je l’utilise avec de l’eau très chaude à la toute fin pour bien ouvrir les pores et permettre au soin d’être plus efficace.

🧑🏻‍🦲Cheveux & crâne :

La peau du crâne mérite toute votre attention. Je la masse le soir avec de l’huile de ricin bio et je laisse poser la nuit puis je nettoie le crâne le matin avec du savon d’Alep. Mes repousses adorent ! Je choisi mon huile de ricin chez natessance leanature_groupe

La repousse peut être inconfortable tout comme le crâne nu. Afin de trouver un peu plus de douceur memecosmetics propose un spray qui hydrate sans graisser. Petit secret, cette marque est spécialement créée pour les personnes sous chimio. J’adore toute la gamme, des vernis aux masques pour pieds.

👁Cils et sourcils :

Soit on perd tout, soit ils sont un peu clairsemés, quoiqu’il en soit, on a besoin de leurs donner un petit coup de booster.
Je m’en occupe avec 3 produits :

Massage avec l’huile de ricin. Ça fonctionne super bien pour les cheveux donc il n’y a pas de raison que ça ne donne pas des miracles pour les cils et sourcils !

Je fais confiance aussi revitalash.france et mavala_france

✍🏻Si ce post vous a été utile, let me know ! 📸 stephanebisseuil

🇬🇧 In comments 🙏🏻

Happy Birthday Me (for yesterday!!) Thank you to everyone who messaged me, sent cards, flowers and for my lovely gifts. I am feeling very loved and grateful to you all 🥰. Another year older but ...definitely no wiser haha - thought I’d try a make up free pic to really test my resolve to ‘love myself’ more, something that has definitely been harder to adjust to since cancer…but the bottom line is that I’m just so ridiculously euphoric to still be alive to see another year in and that trumps my dislike for my wonky nose and all the flabby bits I’m now blessed with 😆

I obvs meant to post this yesterday but in true Myeloma style my brain was ready to party but the body was worn out after trips to London, Blenheim Palace, more baby vaccines and a good old butchering at the hospital to kick the day off, so I went to bed at 8.30pm instead 🤦🏻‍♀️. Bear with me while I reply to all of you who messaged me!!

I’m refreshed and raring to go to qvcuk later for a lovely hour with pipagordon over on Style Channel at 16.00, we’d love you to join us 🥳

#birthdaygirl👸 #anotheryearolder #feelinggratefulandblessed #myelomawarrior #myeloma #mycancerjourney #stemcelltherapy #over40style #learningtoloveme #bloodcancer #myqvcfind #shoppingtv #jewelleryshopping

Happy Monday and hello to all my new followers! If you found me after Friday’s appearance on QVCUK TV then you’ll have seen me looking like this, in my favourite turban by the incredible ...maryjane_claverol 💖. If only everyday was as glam!!

Thank you for joining me as I chart my journey....it’s evolved from a pure jewellery account (but don’t worry, it’s my job so there will always be sparkle here!) to a diary of overcoming and living with incurable blood cancer whilst finding the ‘new me’ and inner strength I didn’t realise existed! I hope sharing my story might encourage you in some way to keep going when things seem overwhelming and believe in the power of positive thinking 💭

Since losing my hair after stem cell transplant, my turbans instantly make me feel less ‘victim’ and more QUEEN which has been key to bossing the last 18 months. Like wearing a giant diamond on my head they’ve drawn admiration from people who they had no idea I was sick, but started conversations about cancer when maybe people may have shied away for fear of not knowing what to say. It’s crucial to feel ‘seen’ when physical aspects of your identity are lost or maybe different to other people’s.

We all have challenges and hopefully a little superpower for getting through, so tell me in the comments what your secret weapon is?

#mondaymotivations #myeloma #myelomawarrior #bloodcancerawareness #hairloss #girlsinmaryjaneclaverol #kickingcancersbutt #stemcelltransplant #cancerchic #positivethinkingonly #innerstrength #bekindalways #selfacceptance #discoverunder10k

Positive Affirmations For Today! Equip yourself and go get what’s yours🦋✨🙏.
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This guy has helped me reach my first goal, 100km in a month. 🥰💪

Denne fyren har hjulpet meg å nå mitt første mål, 100km på en månede 🥰💪

#multiplemyeloma ...#myelomatose #myeloma #cancer #kreft #bloodcancer #fightcancer #iamresilient2021 #blodkreft #fightmode #kroniskkreft #pots #potswarrior #myelomawarrior #kreftkompasset #blodkreftforeningen #kreftforeningen #fatigue #youcandoit #ididit #puddelnorge #puddel #poodlesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #doglife

It has been one year since I moved out of my mom’s house & cut ties with her, my grandparents and my sister as well. Growing up they were everything to me. I lived and breathed them. I never ...knew how negative, toxic and unhealthy they were to my mind, body and soul. Since leaving them behind I have been able to focus on my mental, emotional health. Leaving that toxic environment has completely changed my life. I have a therapist, psychiatrist, my extremely supportive husband & daughter, and my incredible in laws. Thanks to all of them I am doing better than I ever have been. If you are in a toxic environment—even if it is your own family— and you need to leave it behind to be healthy. IT’S OK. Make your health a priority, choose YOU! Ask for help, go to therapy and become the best YOU!

#mentalhealthawareness #sextraffickingsurvivor #sextraffickers #sextrafficingawareness #humantraffickingawareness #humantraffickingawarenessmonth #humantraffickingawarenessday #humantraffickingsurvivor #cancer #bloodcancer #myeloma #myelomawarrior #myelomaactionmonth #myelomauk #myelomaawareness #myelomaaustralia #multiplemyeloma #fuckcancer #paulapower #seaturtle

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