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What Is Myeloma Action Month?

Spearheaded by the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF), Myeloma Action Month takes place every March to encourage individuals and groups to take actions that positively impact the myeloma community.

This year the IMF invites you to join the myeloma community and nurture your own resilience.

We can all take small actions in our lives to enhance our well-being, fortify our resilience, and improve the lives of those in the myeloma community.

Grow Your Resilience and Raise Myeloma Awareness


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💗T H A N K - Y O U 💗
The overwhelming love and support I feel after sharing my recent cancer diagnosis (x 2! 😱) validated my decision to share. I am truly so grateful for each and every one of you. I know, without a doubt, I am not alone in this fight 💪🏻👊🏻💗

So how did this happen? This seems to be the first question I get asked, and I can look back now and see some of the signs that I never would have dreamed would be cancer.

Back in Jan/Feb I started to have some weird, inconsistent pain that I thought was workout related — my sciatic mostly, but also my right upper rib area. I was trying to get back to OTF on a consistent basis, so naturally thought it was soreness from the workouts 🤷‍♀️.

In March we started working from
home and back pain set in — again, I figured I needed a new chair 🤷‍♀️ or my posture was just terrible 🙈. But over time I realized these aches and pains were consistent and I felt like I should go to the doctor.

The doctor ordered an ultrasound of my abdomen upper right quadrant. That test showed some lesions on my liver (probably benign they said). She ordered a CT to get a better look.

But before the CT, I started feeling very nauseous 🥴. No appetite. Started vomiting 🤮 . Signs that something was off and I knew I couldn’t wait for the CT scan. I agreed to go to the ER. 😰

Once in the ER, I quickly had a CT scan & some other tests ran. Scott couldn’t be in the ER with me, but refused to leave and was waiting outside in the car the entire time (5️⃣ hours!) ❤️.

Eventually the ER physician assistant came in to say they were admitting me to the hospital. I’ll never forget the words she said...
“We are fairly certain you have metastatic cancer” 😳😰😳.

Metastatic cancer??? Imagine hearing those words, by yourself, all alone in an ER. I immediately told her I needed my husband, that there was no way I could do or handle all of this without him.

I called Scott and told him what I had just been told.....I remember so clearly his voice dropping ‘whaaaaat? OMGosh I have to get in there with you.” I told him I had already asked and would be in touch.... “I love you”, we both said.

(continued in comments...)

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Smiling today 😊
Thursday’s are treatment day for me....a.k.a. as ‘Thirsty Thursday’ in my stories 😂🤣. Today was a little different though, as it was my ✨LAST✨ Thursday, at least for awhile!! 🎉😃
4️⃣ cycles DONE ✅ of these current meds to treat the myeloma. It’s been about 4️⃣ months of treatment every single Thursday. I’ll take a little break to focus on the breast cancer 🙈😢 before the next step treatment for the myeloma.
I’m learning to celebrate 🎉 the WINS as they come. And there have been WINS. 4️⃣ cycles is a huge victory 🙌🏻. I’ve had a 9️⃣0️⃣% reduction in my numbers!! My specialist and oncologist agree they couldn’t have faked better numbers — they would have been happy with a 50% reduction — but of course the overachiever in me got 9️⃣0️⃣% 😂🤣. I’ve tolerated these treatments with minimal side effects — another WIN 🙌🏻👊🏻.
Next step is surgery for the breast cancer. It should be a fairly simple surgery and I’ll be home the same day. I know there will be some recovery, but overall am feeling very positive and optimistic 😊. I’m ready to kick this cancer’s butt too!! 👊🏻💪🏻.
Surgery is scheduled for next week, so just a few days to celebrate 🎉 today’s completion before the next phase begins 😱😊....this fight continues, and I am ALL IN 💪🏻👊🏻
Your messages, prayers 🙏🏻and ongoing support are so appreciated....Thank you, thank you, from my heart ❤️!!!! Y’all truly amaze me and I am beyond grateful for each and every one of you ❤️.
I remind myself every day that we CAN do hard things. When in doubt, I tap into that belief and hope you will too, in whatever you may be going through at any given time. We all have HARD in our lives...it may look different for each of us but it should never be dismissed. I believe in YOU like you believe in ME — we CAN do hard things ❤️💪🏻.
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Há um ano exatamente, 03/05/2019, as células novas, que me dariam uma medula saudável, que me trariam de volta a saúde e a paz, eram infundidas através desse cateter. Tudo estéril em volta, monitor cardíaco do lado, imóvel até acabar o processo🙏🏻🙏🏻 E Deus e Nossa Senhora acampados em minha cabeceira, enquanto minha família, amigos e conhecidos estavam em oração🙏🏻🙏🏻 O milagre estava por vir e peço que creiam, pois Deus é por nós por mais difícil que seja a situação 🙌🏻❤️ Muitoooo obrigada!!! #gratidão #mariapassaafrente #TMO #medulanova #myelomawarrior Obrigada a todos os profissionais da saúde que estiveram comigo!! Deus abençoe suas vidas sempre🙌🏻🙌🏻 ...

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The new me .... for months I have been dreading putting a picture of myslef up. After being through such a traumatic year and life threatening operation I am finally coming out strong at the other end of it all. I definitely look different and I am trying hard to embrace this look and be positive as much as I can. Every day isn’t the same for me and Some days are definitely harder for me than others . It goes without saying I couldn’t have got through it all without my rock and my ever supporting husband amitpatel1829 and my lovely family (you all know who are without me mentioning names) . #cancersurvivor #myeloma #myelomauk #myelomawarrior #stronger #positive #livinglife ...

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When I get good news, I can’t wait to share to give hope to fellow #cancerwarriors. This week I got the results that the SCT worked. No #Myeloma in the bone marrow!! I do have existing lightchains of 700 which means I have residue cancer or I have a secondary cancer growing elsewhere. A PET scan will tell us more on Tuesday, however Doctors confident that maintenance drugs commencing in a couple of weeks will eradicate these hanger-onerers 🙏

Hang in there #warriors. It’s a shit phase to go through but the good news fulfils the moment with hope. Sure it may be short lived. It might be back in 3-5 years. Right now, however, I will celebrate the moment I’m in!
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Tonight, Kenny Capps was inducted into the. themmrf Hall of Fame for his work to raise awareness and hope for those battling #myeloma. “Ossum”* work, Kenny!! #throwingbonesrun #mmrf #myelomawarrior #mmrfteam4cures ...

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In this Myeloma Awareness Week, I still struggle with the fact that MYELOMA STOLE MY IDENTITY! I’m so grateful that I am still alive, I still have my reservations about where this journey will take me and I still don’t know how to react to the anxiety I experience daily, however I know that I am still me, Even when my thinking isn’t as clear as it should be! I don’t want to be anxious so I try every day to be positive #myelomaawareness #myelomawarrior #myelomasupport #myelomaawarenessweek #impairedmobility ...

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“So much of a cancer diagnosis is how you view it. While training for the Madrid Marathon in 2013, I experienced an excruciating pain in my hip. I was in disbelief when I learned there was a fist-sized tumor in the neck of my femur. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare form of blood cancer, at 22.”
“I didn’t know how to cope. It was terrifying and overwhelming, leaving me feeling insecure and isolated. I began treatment at Dana-Farber, and though I was at my lowest point both physically and mentally, the confidence and knowledge of my team made me feel safe and ready to conquer an uphill battle.”
“Having gone through three years of treatment, including chemotherapy, surgeries, radiation, and a stem cell transplant, my vision is to be a leader and mentor in the multiple myeloma community. I want to help raise awareness through speaking events to inspire others who feel overwhelmed and stressed. I now see my diagnosis and its challenges as a huge motivator to be my absolute best and to show up for the people who showed up for me every single day during that time.”- Ethan, a Dana-Farber patient and multiple myeloma advocate

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