I first detected my smoldering Myeloma in 1993. The local YMCA where I worked out offered CBC blood tests which I tracked on Excel but I was concerned about rising protein and BUN numbers. I talked to my doc who ran further tests and determined my combined Gamma plus M protein spike was about 3 which is twice the acceptable range. My doc let it smolder until 2008 when it started to rise and he told me to get ready for a transplant. Being in the middle of a career and new marriage I wasn’t pleased about this so he agreed to try Revlimid/Dex. The MM responded immediately to it and was driven down to an acceptable level. I am now on a maintenance dose of Revlimid and have been in remission for several years with almost no side effects except neuropathy. So by catching it early and treating it medically I was able to avoid both a life altering transplant or being 6 feet under.

— Vernon R. 

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