My myeloma was actually caught accidentally when I had a routine urine test because my life insurance was up for renewal.

The result was protein in my urine and they wouldn’t renew my insurance policy until I had a urologist sign off on it. This started a process and journey for me. This lead to a diagnosis of kidney cancer. My kidney was removed due to the cancer and then I almost bleed out (required 9 units of blood). At the time we didn’t know the reason why only that there was a problem. Fast forward 4 years and many, many tests and blood work they have determined that I have Multiple Myeloma.

I have come to learn a lot more about blood than I ever did. The lessons I have learned from this are if you see anything unusual on your labs from the doctor make sure you follow up as you are your best advocate and often the doctors don’t have time or don’t follow up.

In order to truly determine if its myeloma vs other blood cancers (which they thought I had for 4 years) is through a Bone Marrow Biopsy. While a bone marrow biopsy is not the most pleasant experience in the world it definitely isn’t the worst. I think there could be much better communication to explain things as I honestly had no idea what to expect with my first bone marrow biopsy and all the doctors were telling me how painful they are. I went from no bone marrow biopsy (probably due to fear which was unfounded) to having 2 bone marrow biopsy’s done in 10 days.

I am now in the process of learning and educating myself about Myeloma. I’m currently on wait and watch and hope that I will be able to stay at this stage for the rest of my life. There is definitely life after a Myeloma or other cancer diagnosis and having a good positive attitude along with reaching out and helping others is extremely important to your mental well being and I venture to say your progress.

— Rose C.

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