My Husband of thirty years who was 52 years old was diagnosed with MM on 12/25/12.

He had been so sick for about 9 months,, had fractured his ribs twice, and has been in incredible bone pain for months which we attributed to the fractured ribs. The last six weeks he had had incredible thirst and was urinating frequently , and was exhausted and tired all the time. I made an appointment with our doctor for a checkup, thinking maybe all this was related to diabetes. They got us in on Dec 24, 7 am on Christmas eve. They did blood work and sent us home on pain meds.

We were just ready to start our Christmas Eve preparations for our dinner and we got a call from our family doctor to go right to ER at our hospital, David’s calcium was dangerously high and he needed to be admitted. Merry Christmas.

We knew that night after googling High Calcium that he probably had Multiple Myeloma.  After a long week and many test at the hospital, it was confirmed, he had stage three B Multiple Myeloma.


My Husband was a healthy active, self employed, father of 5 sons, grandfather of 4 , whom I really needed to help me raise and be part of their lives and our business. We were scared and ignorant about MM.

When David was admitted, he had many, many lesions all over all of his bones,(too many to count the x-rays results said) high calcium, anemia, kidney damage, and his bone marrow was 75 percent involved with the cancer.  The numbers did not look good and the information we were reading on line was not encouraging at all.

Our doctor was calm and kind and told us the plan and that he would be around in 5 years. Music to my ears…….

He then started induction therapy, 16 rounds of chemo- CyBor D, Cytoxin, Velcade and Dex. He did well, no major side effects, ended in April and started the workup for a stem cell transplant shortly there after. June of 2013 he underwent the stem cell transplant and did great. We went to U of Michigan, for 21 days and were so thankful for there incredible support and care. His numbers did well, He responded well and we are so Thankful. He the underwent another 12 weeks of chemo- Rev, Velcade and Dex. Much tougher on him but he endured and finished his last chemo injection just after Christmas .

What a year it has been and we are thankful to or Heavenly Father for being with us each and every step of the way. We just got back from a week in Florida and David starts his maintenance Chemo tomorrow. He is feeling great and we are hopeful that he will feel good on this chemo and are earnestly praying for a cure. We support the IMF and are thankful that research is being done on this very tough cancer. God’s Grace is Sufficient!

— Shelley S.


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