I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma 9 years ago. It was a major shock to me, and of course I went to the internet for information. Seeing that the average life spam with MM was 3 years, I was ready to die soon.

Then, my oncologist said he would make sure I was going to live for a while. He put me on Thalomide for a year, but my IGG was still high. Next was infusions, and some powerful ones at that. I had to have ice on my hands and feet while on chemo. I was losing weight, skin off my hands and feet, and told my doctor I would be better off dying than going through that. He then put me on and old fashion oral chemo, Alkeran, and it worked. My IGG would go down, then I would be taken off, and back up it went. I did this for about 4 years, and he became worried that I could have other problems being on and off. He then put me on Revlimid, a maintenance drug. My IGG went from close to 8000, down to 948 , and it has stayed there. (The cost is unbelievable, $9200 for 21 pills). I take one a day for 21 days, then off 7, then start the 21/7. It works.

9 years, feel great, no problems, and expect be around for many years. There are so many new medicines around that seem to give hope to everyone. I have not had to have a Stem Cell or Bone Marrow transplant. My doctor is an is a great doctor and he cares about how I am doing. Plus I have a great God, and prayers do work. Be encouraged. It looks like the future is looking better all the time.

— Ronald C. 

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