Yesterday, we shared our 17 year journey with myeloma with the wonderful folks at @bluebirdbio in Cambridge, MA.  There were 300+ Researchers in the room plus they did a live feed to their office in Seattle too!  We also met with their Oncology Clinical, Regulatory & Program teams, then their Immunotherapy Research Team!  We were extremely impressed with this company’s young, passionate and extremely qualified staff.  Everyone is working diligently towards a cure for #myeloma!  

Right now, their myeloma study is the CRB-401 Phase 1 study and is assessing the safety and effectiveness of CAR T Cell Therapy as a treatment for multiple myeloma.  CAR T Cell Therapy uses gene therapy to modify a person’s own white blood cells (T cells) to attack the cancerous myeloma cells. 

Thanks to these passionate researchers and we hope to read more about their trial at ASH 2017!