Dana Farber

My husband, Michael is a 16 year myeloma survivor.  As part of my job at the IMF, I visit myeloma support groups and provide information about IMF resources and updates on myeloma.  Last night, Michael and I visited with the myeloma support group at Dana FarberCancer Institute.  We reviewed all the exciting options on how each of us can take Action during Myeloma Action Month to help increase awareness of myeloma.   We encouraged everyone to download, complete, and mail the Patient Action Letter to their general practitioners and internists to help increase awareness of myeloma and it’s symptoms and initial tests.  (link to download Patient Action Letter:  http://mam.myeloma.org/patient-action-letter/ )

Michael fielded many questions on long term survivorship and his experiences as a patient.  Thanks to the wonderful social workers for leading this group and helping patients and their caregivers to be empowered.  Thanks to all the group members who welcomed us and are excited to go out and take Action!