My Husband was diagnosed in August 2012 with stage 3b Multiple Myeloma. Earlier that year, my husband had been starting to feel really crummy, extremely tired and his body hurt all the time, especially his feet. (He compared it to feeling like having the flu constantly)He’s a pretty big guy and used to work out religiously until he started not feeling like himself.

From January to Mid July, my husband’s health deteriorated drastically. He went from working 12 hour days and then hitting the gym to barely being able to stay awake for more than an hour and lifting maybe 10 pounds.

We didn’t have insurance at the time but I kept hounding him to go get checked. He finally went to a small clinic by our house and they said they weren’t going to diagnose anything but his numbers were very out of sync and he really needed to go to a specialist.

It finally got to the point that the only way we knew what was going on was the fact that he had passed out as he was getting out of our truck to head into work. (He wasn’t able to really drive himself anymore) I rushed him to the hospital on a Tuesday morning and they took him over a gun shot victim (if this gives you any idea on how incoherent and bad he truly was).

That Friday, once we got the diagnosis, his oncologist told us that if he wouldn’t have come in when he did he wouldn’t have made it more than another 2 or 3 days.

It is so important to listen to your body and to find out what’s going on. Please do not hesitate to find out what’s wrong even if your doctor has said it isn’t major; it very well could be!!! Thank God my husband is still here with me today and we are about to celebrate his one year birthday (bone marrow transplant) in April!!

— Nikki

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