The Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University multiple myeloma program is recognized as a national and international leader in the treatment and research of multiple myeloma. Winship’s Dr. Sagar Lonial says life expectancy rates in myeloma patients have doubled in the last ten years because of new drug therapies, and he’s optimistic that the next ten years will bring even greater advances. Drs. Tom Heffner, Jonathan Kaufman, Sagar Lonial, Ajay Nooka, and Anand Jillella, form the core of clinician and researchers on Winship’s multiple myeloma team; doctors and healthcare staff in the bone marrow transplant and hematology departments complete this diverse team.

Multiple myeloma patients at Winship are seen by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and social workers, who bring a range of specialties and expertise to every patient’s treatment plan. The team works to integrate all available options, so that patients receive not only the best cancer treatments, but also management of side effects, disease complications, and long-term survival.

The Winship team also sets a standard for doctor-patient relationships by reaching out to the community to raise awareness and knowledge of the disease. They visit regular Support Group meetings on Saturdays to explain the complexities of the disease and treatment, discuss options such as clinical trials, and address concerns like adverse side effects. The community setting provides a comfortable environment for patients and caregivers to have questions answered, to hear the questions and concerns of others, build trust, and improve communication between providers and patients.

Multiple Myeloma Support Groups

Support groups for multiple myeloma patients and caregivers can be found throughout Georgia.

Support Groups offer the opportunity to learn from other patients, caregivers, and providers and share resources about financing treatment and prescriptions, dealing with side effects, and much more. To find a support group in your area, contact Nancy Bruno at 404-633-4797 or

ALBANY – contact Barbara Blake at 229-308-7337 or

ATLANTA – contact Nancy Bruno at 404-633-4797 or; Joe Brown at 770-484-9212 or

ATLANTA SOUTHSIDE – contact Doris Morgan at 404-346-1372 or; Gail McCray at 770-996-4964 or

EMORY UNIVERSITY WINSHIP CANCER INSTITUTE- contact Alice D. Mullins, LCSW at 404-778-5559 or

NORTHWEST GA – contact Linda and Jack Huguelet at 423-886-3554 or; Rhonda Edwards at 423-495-7778 or


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