I was dx 8/11 induction therapy and radiation on original lesion then SCT 4/2012. I am iga kappa was put on revlimid 3 months post SCT but was allergic to it, so it was stopped. No treatment in cr for 18 months, then the beast returned 12/2013, decided to go on a trial, it is pill form mln9708 at mayo clinic, I have responded very well, after 3 months I am in vgpr, flc is normal, iga is normal and no m spike, excellent considering my myeloma was raging in dec.

I still have trouble at times accepting that I cannot be cured, the hardest part is the difficulty in not being able to make plans, but I am grateful for the time I have to share with those whom I love. I appreciate life more.

 — Maria

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