In July of 2012 I was feeling pain in my right shoulder. My doctor did an X-ray and ultrasound and said she didn’t see anything and left it at that. The pain seemed to be moving toward my neck. Because the doctor said she didn’t see a problem I just kept putting ice on it. (That seemed to help.) I went to an orthopedic surgeon with my husband for his rotator cuff. While we were there he asked the doctor to look at my shoulder, because it’s been hurting for weeks and my doctor didn’t see a problem. She looked me over and ordered a MRI. A few days later she called and said she set me up to meet another doctor a friend of hers. I went to the Oncologist a few days later and he told me I had a cancerous tumor. He did more test and told me I have Multiple Myeloma in my Clavicle and Sternum. In October I started radiation for the pain, I went for 25 days. In January 2013 I went in for a recheck and told the oncologist I was having pain in my rib. He sent me in for more test and found the cancer was in my ribs, spine, and hip. I had 5 treatments for the pain in my ribs, and then started chemo. (Valcade twice a week and Zometa once a month) I did this for 6 rounds and then in July of 2013 had my Stem cell transplant. I went into complete remission. It’s been a year and a half. I’m now seeing my oncologist once every three months and I’m receiving Zometa once every three months.

– Linda

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