I have recently been diagnosed with MM (December 2014) and am only beginning to learn about multiple myeloma and the treatment that goes with it.

I’m at the beginning, frightened, unsure stage and anxious to meet and talk to others who are like me. I’m 67 years old and retired. My diagnosis came from routine blood work ordered by my primary care physician for an upcoming yearly physical. Although, I had been feeling ill this past fall with a sinus infection and lingering nausea. My doctor and I thought the nausea was related to drainage from the sinus infection, and so I proceeded forward with the treatment for infection and intended to talk to him about how I hadn’t really regained an appetite and still felt tired and weak when the lab results came back. We actually repeated them because my doctor was sure that there was a fault in the testing itself. There wasn’t.

My kidneys were failing and I was put in the hospital for more tests and diagnosis. I started dialysis while in the hospital and have continued. My nephrologists have not yet decided whether they think my kidneys will return to function or not. In the meantime I have started treatment for myeloma using Velcade, Cyclophosphamide, and Dex. I have completed 3 rounds of treatment. The pain has worsened for me since December and I’m struggling with how to handle it. Tomorrow I am going to be seen by a pain management clinic and am hoping to find some answers that will help me.

I am thankful to have found this site, as the stories have helped me find some emotional respite. It helps so much to feel like you are not alone!

– Laura

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