I was diagnosed on Dec. 22, 2003 when I was 50. It was truly a shock as I had no symptoms and had never heard of Multiple Myeloma. I went to the oncologist in the clinic in our small rural Pennsylvania town. He had never treated a MM patient and gave me a very gloomy prognosis.

My husband and I started visiting specialists further and further from our home and were referred to a MM specialist in NYC who continues to treat me to this day.

Finding a specialist that “fits” you is the most important part of this process. And don’t be afraid to go far from home to find this doctor or a famous clinic for MM.

The MM specialist can recommend a course of treatment and it may be implemented at home with regular visits to the MM specialist for urine and blood analysis.

This course of action saved my life. It has been 10 years and 2 months.

— Karen R. 

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