If you want your city to offer a proclamation announcing March as Myeloma Month, chances are you need to contact your city council. Specifically you will want to make this request to your councilman or councilwoman.  So, how do you find your council member?

Typically you might begin with an Internet search using “<your city name> city council.  However, depending on the size of your town or city, you may need to find the name of your council member that represents your specific district. And there might be multiple district types, such as school or congressional, so you want to focus on which city council district you reside. Since your city district doesn’t necessarily line up with zip codes, you might need to input your mailing address or actually view district maps like I do in San Jose to make that final district number determination.

Finally, once you have your specific city council district number, it’s easy to look up your city council and determine which council member is yours by checking their district number. And why do you want to work with your specific council member?  As a constituent, i.e. potential voter, of your council member, your request carries weight.

You will want to contact your council member by email, phone or in person and share your story of myeloma, along with proclamation and press release materials provided by the IMF.  Let your member know that this is still an incurable cancer that he has probably never heard of.  And let them know how many folks might be living in your city with Myeloma by taking your city’s population and multiplying by .00033 (determined by 100K folks living in US with MM divided by US pop of 300M = .00033).  [For example, San Jose with a population of 1M residents has approximately 300 folks living with MM.]