My husband Scotty and I got our blood tested on a yearly basis, I kept them and compare the results from year to year . I noticed that Scotty’s red-white cells and platelets were all changing and that he would get colds frequently and I wouldn’t and that he would get diarrhea easily if we are out! I questioned our doctors and they said he was in great shape ( he worked out all the time).

I finally insisted that he be sent to an oncologist. I gave her 10 years of Scotty’s blood tests and she said that she believed MGUS started 5 years prior. Bone marrow proved the MM and we went to Little Rock ACRC. Caught it in smoldering stage!

My husbands wonderful attitude kept him going for 12 years and passed June 30, 2013 at 74 years young. Listen to your gut and find a doctor that will listen to you. I am not a nurse but a wife that knew her husband of 49 years and did everything I could to make his life enjoyable.

– Elizabeth

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