My mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 1995. She and my dad told my brother, sister, and myself what the doctors had found and that they only gave her up to 3 years to live.

My mom was a very strong woman. With all her treatments (chemo, radiation, stemcell transplant) she fought and fought. We got the greatest news ever her cancer had gone into remission.

January of 2014 my mother was not feeling well, my dad took her to the hospital where they ran many tests. The news none of us wanted to hear her cancer was back and very aggressive. My mom passed away 4 days after that doctors visit.

Due to the great doctors at Swedish Hospital Seattle and their abilities we were able to spend 18 more years with our mom. Not to mention the great strength and willpower my mother had. To those who are experiencing this, or have lost a loved one to Myeloma, my prayers and most heartfelt thoughts are with you.

– Doug

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