How It Works

Take a photo, make an impact

1. Download the Donate a Photo App

Choose, shoot and share. Download the app today and start making a difference.

2. Take or select a photo to donate to the International Myeloma Foundation

Any photo. You can donate one photo per day, every day of the year. Pets. Selfies. (Pet selfies?) Yes. Because every photo counts.

3. Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 for every photo to the IMF

Share your photo in the app and Johnson & Johnson gives US$1 to your cause. Then share it on social to get your friends in on the good.

4. You can donate a photo once a day, every day

Take a photo, make an impact.

How it helps

For every photo you donate, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 to the International Myeloma Foundation. It takes 25 photos to collect 100 blood samples for myeloma research.
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